We Are Developers!
We are a start-up from Dresden, Germany, in the heart of SiliconSaxony. Our technologies for machine learning, the Internet of Things and advanced analysis support our clients on their journey to the smart business. We develop made-to-order software, support your IT infrastructures, networks and work as your partner when it comes to the efficient management and analysis of huge databases.
Our services include the replacement of aged systems as well as new development, porting, re-designing and support and further development of solutions. With Mega Software Technology as our main focus, we offer a unique package of services to our customers. Which means full engagement, flexibility, highest efficiency of the MST project team and therefore ultimate success for your project

Your gateway to the future of dining technology. As industry leaders, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for smart restaurants, offering an array of innovative devices and software to elevate the dining experience.

Our smart tables redefine the way patrons interact with menus, allowing for a seamless and personalized dining journey. Complemented by our robust restaurant software, we empower establishments to streamline operations, manage orders, and gain valuable insights into their business. Looking forward, we are pioneering the integration of robotic waitstaff, bringing a futuristic touch to the hospitality industry.

At Megasoft Technology, we are committed to transforming traditional dining into a dynamic and tech-infused experience. Partner with us to embrace the future of restaurant innovation, where your business efficiency meets unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Discover the possibilities with Megasoft Technology– Shaping the Future of Smart Restaurants.